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Titan win the MSA BEKC Championship for 2003:

Full results here.

Titan came second at Bayford in August but it was enough to tie up the Championship for 2003. They have driven superbly all season and thoroughly deserve to win. After their victory they posted some interesting thoughts on the Championship on the Karting.co.uk web site forum - have a look. And then there was the enormously entertaining complementary post by 'chinoloco' on 7th September. Since he prefers to remain anonymous, we will respect that, and what he says makes a lot of sense. And for Red Stripe Racing? Well, we came 10th just a few points behind Special Racing Projects, and now we can start the litany of what ifs, and if onlys. But the fact is that when we started, a top ten finish in the Championship would have been a result to dream about. More importantly we have had a massive amount of fun this year and our only real regret is that more people did not understand or appreciate the advantages of the Promax endurance class and that because of this lack of support the BEKC in its present form has no future in 2004.


3rd place in the EKC Winter Series 2002/3:


We got 3rd place in the Endurance Kart Championship Winter Series. GP Racing got 2nd and Cobra were 1st in the Clubman Class. Titan won the Experts with a rather unnecessarily supremacist display of 1st places. We were planning to compete on February 1st 2003 in the last round of the series since we had a real chance to overtake GP Racing for 2nd and a slightly more theoretical chance of sharing 1st place with Cobra. But although Bayford announced the race would go ahead, we were going to have serious problems getting two thirds of the team and the trailer out of Cambridge through the snow, and James took one look at the overnight forecast for the circuit and decided he wasn't going to make a 450 mile round trip from Wales on the off chance that it wasn't going to snow more or freeze over. This meant that we had to be content with the three rounds we had already taken part in.


Richard Staley is 3rd from right

with James Michell next to him

and Thomas Robinson in front of both of them.



Photograph by Sue Poole courtesy of Karting Magazine.


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