personally I can't see the attraction in spending enormous amounts of money to squeeze an extra .6hp out of an ancient generator engine (or two), when there are purpose built engines out there that are (much, much) more fun to drive, cheaper to run, and provide an equal playing field. prokarts, hmm, they certainly don't pump my nads..

but then, hey, that would be spewing out all the same old arguments all over again, and most of the prokarters would again ignore it, for all the same reasons, and the newer, better alternatives will again fall by the wayside for the same reason that series like formula palmer-audi failed (because you can't cheat or buy yourself an advantage, for example).

as this years british endurance champions have pointed out, the rotax engine they won the championship with is more fun, more equal and cheaper to run than prokarts. it has enabled a family-run team to win a major championship in a significant class of kart, which is fantastic for the sport, and a great achievement for them, on a modest budget and with knowledge and confidence that when they go out on the track they can compete on equal terms.

it is a *tragedy* to endurance karting that prokarters have refused to take the promax formula up, particularly those pot-hunters that go out week after week, year after year in an acknowledged entry-level class simply to make themselves look big and win a piece of worthless tin, and special vitriol should be reserved for those teams that commited to support bekc and then didn't. they should be ashamed of themselves - it is their lack of support for evolution, improvement and competition that is consigning endurance karting to obsoletion and irrelevancy. at a time when leisure karting is booming to unprecedented levels and more new karters than ever are looking to step up for themselves, prokarts continue to impose silly barriers to entry through hidden costs and competing against people who should have moved to higher classes. surely it is not a coincidence that out of the vast numbers of rotax engines that have been bought only a tiny fraction go racing? surely it is not because the vast majority of the people buying rotax are new to karting and simply looking to have *fun* and want the cheapest way in, they have a look at prokarts and think, err, why?

i hope that the new world formula will step in as a saviour and consign the farce that is gx racing to the trashcan of history. it is fantastic that costs are fixed, or at least capped to a degree, however, there is still not enough information (that I have seen) to say whether the engine will be sealed. if they leave the top end open as has been suggested, i think the farce will start all over again, i hope not.

it is not the pre-pubescent twats who write silly messages on this forum that should grow up, it's the 'elder statesmen' who should think about it.


ps - this message is entirely devoid of capital letters in protest against the sanctimonious shouting that a certain self-declared administrator insists on doing in each of his posts - i find it intensely irritating.