R E S U L T S  for 2001

Red Stripe Racing achieve 3rd Place in the National & Southern Championship for 2001!!

In only our first year of racing we got 3rd place in the Clubmans league in the MSA British Endurance Kart Championship for 2001. And although Clubmen and Experts are not divided in the Southern Championship, we were the third Clubman team there as well.

In the National Championship, ARB won the Experts and immediately announced their retirement from ProKart racing. Mr C won the Clubmans having been out in front for most of the season and the excellent CSF came 2nd. In the Northern series it was good to see Mach 1 become the top Clubmans Team and second overall.

Click to get the National and Southern Championship final positions.

Finally, the Marden Team who we have relied on so heavily for technical advice, driving advice and even good advice during 2001, will not be racing in 2002. We very much hope that we will see some of them in other teams in 2002.



Photograph of the Clubmans winners at Bayford Meadows courtesy of Karting Magazine

Richard is second from left with Thomas next to him, hanging on to the bottle of Champagne, while James is standing second from right.




Home, James.