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Updated 24.11.08

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Whilton Mill OEKC November 9th 2008:

Our misfortune this race was a brakes failure after only eight laps. After that, things went quite well but we could never eliminate the six laps deficit and we came 6th in the end. But the new chassis seemed good and that bodes well for next season.. Results are here and our report is here.


Next Race:

February, we reckon. But that seems a long way away.


Tips for Endurance Racing:

Tom Robinson's tips for making your racing more successful - have a look here.


OEKC Summer Championship 2008:

We got 12th overall in the 2008 Summer Championship after attending only four rounds, blowing up the engine in one of them and breaking the chassis in another. Box Tech won with Red Mist second followed by TT Sport and Red Max. Here are the full results.


Rotax Endurance Racing:

The main series if you're serious about endurance racing in the UK  is the Open Endurance series run at Whilton Mill and Milton Keynes largely by Gary Chandler and heavily sponsored by Box Tech with Chris York running the race days at Whilton and Milton Keynes. This is a truly serious test of endurance in a Rotax for a two man team, with each race lasting 4.5hrs. The 2009 Summer Series will be based as before at Whilton Mill and Daytona Milton Keynes. Dates are here.

An alternative is the series run for Rotax owner drivers by Ian Ward at the Bayford Meadows circuit. Regulations are similar to the old Club 125 series and races are 90 minutes long. They have now announced their Winter 2008/9 dates.

The race schedule for both the OEKC and the Bayford Series is available here.


Tom Robinson and James Michell after getting 1st place in round six of the 2004 Southern Promax Challenge Championship.

Yes I know its out of date, but its a nice photo of a good occasion and we haven't found a better one yet....


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