Endurance Preparation Tips



  • Securing the Axle

  • A loose axle is probably the single most common cause of the chain coming off or breaking. The ‘trick’ is to tighten the grub screws 3 times. The grubs screws have a hardened knurl on the inner face, which will cut into the axle, cutting an indent to secure the bearing tightly to the axle. Tighten the grub screw, back it off, tighten again, unscrew the grub screw and put on a blob of blue Loctite. Tighten it a final time.


  • Cleaning the Pilot Jet

  • A blocked pilot jet is the single most common cause of carburettor problems on the Max. We once had a blockage that one could apparently see through (translucent). So now every meeting the carb cleaning procedure includes poking the top guitar string from an electric guitar (0.27 mm) through the pilot jets, as well as blowing them out with an air line.


  • Back Bleeding Brakes

  • This is the standard system used on a motocross bike front brake, which has many loops in the brake line that tend to trap air. Remove the top of the master cylinder. Fill a syringe (c.25ml or 60ml) with brake fluid and attach it to the nipple on the brake calliper with a 2cm length of clear silicone tubing. Initially pull back on the plunger a couple of times to ensure that there are no air bubbles in the silicone tubing. Open the bleed nipple, and press the plunger on the syringe. This forces liquid back up the system with sufficient volume and velocity to carry any air trapped in loops right through the system.


  • Gear Oil on Rotax

  • Another use for a Syringe (60ml). After each meeting, drain the oil from the timing gears. (If none comes out of the drain plug, or it has bits in it you know you need to check the gears). Fill a syringe with 40ml of light gear oil, and squirt in through the breather at the top.


  • Paint Your Spanners

  • There are few things worse than not being able to find the right spanner or allen key in an emergency. Colour coded spanners make things a lot easier e.g. 8mm white, 10mm red, 13mm blue, 17mm orange and so on.


  • Stop cable ends fraying

  • After cutting the cable to length, cover the end with electrical heat shrink wrap, available from Maplins.


Tom Robinson - Red Stripe Racing