SCHWINN 100; Builth Wells Sept 2nd 2001


With the cancellation of the PFI 500 race there was a bit of a gap in our schedule, so some of us returned to our roots to take part in one of the most gruelling mountain bike races of the year. For most of us, it just served to show how much fitness we had lost since last year. But it was a way.......once it was all over. And now that the memory is fading slightly, we're suddenly all keen to have another go at it next year.


Report by Cullen Ward of BikeMagic:

Last weekend's Schwinn 100 was an epic. The weather, while not the worst that Wales can offer, was pretty terrible and driving rain made the going tough when the 1200 hit the hills around Builth Wells. Local lad, and Schwinn teamster Ryan Bevis led from the start (leaving skid marks on the bumper of the pace car!) and sped round the challenging course in a frankly preposterous 3:39:03; Be-One/Powerbar rider Carl Sturgeon took second overall in 3:43:28; and Summit Cycles Paul Newnham finished in an impressive 3:46:41 to take third. The winner's efforts are put into perspective when you consider that a great number of, mostly fit, people spend eight, bum-numbing hours in the saddle. (BikeMagic's Cullen Ward finished in 6:47:20).

Results for Red Stripe Racing and their friends:

James 22nd in class- Grand Veteran - in a frankly disgraceful 7:05:05
Hamish 5th in class- Junior Men - in 4:45:01
Richard 199th in class - Open Men - in 6:25:13
Roy 89th in class - Veteran - in 6:39:53
Heidi 16th in class - Open Women - 6:25:17
Chris 25th in class - Junior Men - 6:47:31
Chris' Dad 98th in class - Veteran - 6:47:31
Simon 23rd in class - Junior Men - 6:33:22


1200 Competitors at the start

(just before it started raining)


Richard Staley with Heidi Vincent right behind.

About 40 miles still to go and the conditions just went on getting worse