ProMax   -  September 28th 2001

J.A.G. Engineering and George Robinson have recently been working with ASM and Ted Poole (ekc) in the development of a new concept in endurance kart racing.

The Enduro/Junior Max FR125 engine, modified for endurance with some simple restrictors. The Enduro FR125 to be mounted on any donor Prokart Chassis. Minimum adaptation is required. The radiator can be installed on the left in the space left by the redundant Honda engine and a couple of exhaust brackets, along with bumper extensions will be required. All other specifications remain the same: Bridgestone YDS tyres, 7.5 litre fuel tank, 30mm axle, control fuel. The weight limit is expected to be around 175kg but requires further evaluation.

In testing the ‘ProMax’ proved to be approximately 2 seconds faster than a Prokart and 3 seconds slower than a Senior Max. The kart is not too physical to drive, smooth with the right amount of grip from the YDS tyres. The engine has ample low speed torque and pulls strongly through to 12,000 rpm. The Prokart chassis handles the stress of the extra speed well and its component parts are also well proven for the duration of endurance events. The unstressed sealed Enduro engine if well cared for can return up to 70hrs of trouble free racing before requiring major servicing at an average cost of £250 per service.

J.A.G Engineering have kindly donated 20 engines for Prokart teams who would like to taste the extra performance on their existing chassis, two 4hr ‘pilot’ races have now been confirmed for 29th September at Clay Pigeon and 21st October at Lydd Raceway and all 20 engines have been allocated to teams for both events, however should you wish to purchase an engine to compete in ether of the events please contact us for technical support and advice.

The new ProMax Class has created an overwhelming amount of interest, as a direct result the EKC are already making arrangements for a British Championship for 2002. An eight round Southern based Endurance Championship consisting of both 3hr, 4hr and 6hr events for the ProMax class.

The objective of the EKC is to create an affordable championship, well policed and with all competitors competing on equal equipment.

Provisional 2002 venues & dates are as follows: 10 March. Daytona, Milton Keynes (TBC). 7 April. Bayford Meadows, Sittingbourne. 28 April. Lydd Raceway, Kent. 25 May. Clay Pigeon, Dorchester. 23 June. Llandow, Nr Cardiff. 3 August. Clay Pigeon, Dorchester. 1 September. Lydd Raceway, Kent. 29 September. Bayford Meadows, Sittingbourne.

For further Championship/technical information and advice on this exciting new class, please contact the following who will be happy to help you. Ted Poole - EKC: (02380) 471117 George Robinson - Robinson Motorsport: (01329) 829200 Andrew Stapley - ASM: (01474) 852006.


Results of the first ProMax Endurance race on September 29th 2001 at Clay Pigeon

1st Marden R1 (Wright R1) 368 laps.
2nd KNW MS Karts (MS) 365 laps.
3rd ASM (LRG) 365 laps.
4th MrC (Assalt) 363 laps.
5th Lynn Road Geographic (LRG) 362 laps.

1st Ariston (Wright R1) 345 laps.
2nd Toshiba (Biz) 335 laps.
3rd Moss Racing (Wright R1) 331 laps.
4th SZR (LRG) 322 laps.
5th Cobra ASM (LRG) 301 laps.

Race duration 4hrs

No of teams 19
Fastest lap 'Autotekk' (37.872)
.025 sec between top 13 teams during qualifying
Five compulsory fuel stops
Controlled fuel
Retirements 2
Chassis used LRG, MS, WrightR1, Assalt, BIZ and SOLO